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July 20, 2011

My Oral

Assalamualaikum w.b.t...
Aish,, gamak jugak nak ingat karangan panjang segini hah. Tapi,, demi oral akan ku gagahi juga otak aku yang tak seberapa ni untuk ingat fakta-fakta dalam bahasa Inggeris.
Ceh,, kalau tak ingat fakta dalam taks tue, ape lagi bedal je la ayat yang sesuai. Janji kaw!!!
Aza-Aza Fighting!!!


 Safety On The Internet
              Children are often way ahead of parents when it  comes to the Internet. While this technology holds vast informations and richness of experience, it also exposes our children to danger. There are two safety issues on the Internet. First, is what our children exposes to, either through their own actions or through accidental exposure. The other distinct area of concern is direct communication with our children that may be inappropriate or personal, and that could lead to our children revealing information that put them or the family at risk.
             One of the things that people often find appealing about communication via the Internet is the element of anonymity. Children are able to communicate with anyone on the Internet. They are not limited by appearance, age or other characteristics that may cause bias. Conversations often become much more intimate because this element af anonymity frees some people to speak more openly and honestly. A feeling of trust can be firmly established with a total stranger. It is at this moment of trust , of deciding to make the next  move, that the greatest of risks occur. There are risks inherent in any decision to provide
more personal information, or to make direct connection via telephone or in person. Children should not be permitted to make these decisions.
             Children must be reminded not to give their online password to anyone, nor to reveal personal information like their real name, where they live, their parents’ names, their telephone number and where they go to school. They should not send their personal picture on the internet. They must learn how to hang up on a conversation that makes them feel uncomfortable. They must be warned not to agree to meet anyone, and to tell their parents when anyone makes that suggestion. They should never accept product offers or requests to send them information without their parents’ specific approval. They must never give their home address to have something to posted to them.
             These some of the ways in which we can proctect our children from exposure to pronography, explicit languange and other inappropriate interactions on the Internet.